Photographing Backyard Birds

This is the first in a series for backyard bird photography.

The first part of this blog is about how to attract birds to your backyard.

Bird photography is a growing passion among enthusiast photographers.

First thing to do is to build or purchase a bird feeders.  I’m going to show you how to build feeders branches from your trees.  This will  give you a natural setting to place you feed.

To be successful with bird photography you need to some advanced planning. To start you need a feeder to attract the birds. I build my own feeders using natural materials. 

Building Feeders

Plan your feeder to make it look natural. I build them out of drop off wood from my trees.

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Bird tray feeders give you a better view of the birds.

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Bird Feeder Anchor

Be sure you put a good anchor in the ground to support the feeder, I use to 1/2 inch pipe about it 18 inches long cemented into the ground. I then another pipe about the feet long and connect the bird feeder to that pipe. I have several anchors in my yard so I can easily move the feeder to different locations depending on the time of the year. I locate the feeder so I have a natural background of trees.

When you place your feeder keep in mind the angle of the sun and other elements that could cause shadows. Also watch your background, be sure you are not seeing your neighbors house or car.

Bird Feeder

Feeder with clear Plexiglass glass

I make a roof over the feeder with clear Plexiglass glass. This protects the bird feed when it’s raining and gives the birds cover but does not reduce the light hitting the feeder.

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Camouflage Deck Door

I removed the door from my screened in porch and made a Camouflage door by using Camouflage material found online and PVC pipe.

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Next blog

Making your backyard bird friendly and Choosing the type of bird feed.