Jacobsburg State Park

Jacobsburg State Park is a park located in in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania near Bethlehem and Easton Pennsylvania. It consists of a little over 1100 acres, the park has many trails most of which are multi use for horses, bicycles and for walking. There is one trail that is dedicated to hiking only, the photographs here are taking along that trail that follows the Bushkill Creek.

We started hiking the Henry’s Woods Trail, 1.9 miles long, from the parking area B6. The trail starts steep and rocky after a short distance it levels out and is an easy hike. The trail leads to the historic area and returns to the to the parking area.

The Henry’s Woods section of the park is a largely virgin forest.


The Jacobsburg National Historic District

The Jacobsburg National Historic District lies within the park and gives visitors insight into a colonial gun manufacturer. The Henry Rifle was once made here. 


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