Preventing Housing Fogging

Has your underwater camera fogged up underwater? Is your housing fogged? This is a common problem. Here are some tips to avoid a  housing fogging up.

One of the thing I use a soft cooler, it not only keeps the camera and housing cool it also offers an easy and safe way to transport your equipment.

I use a California Innovations 50 Can Tabletop Cooler, the cost is about $30.00.

Letting the sun hit your housing may cause condensation because the air temperature increases and the housing retains the heat, when you put the housing into the cooler water it will cause condensation. Remember the water  temperature is always cooler than the air temperature in the sun. Also if it’s not rinsed with fresh water properly it may dry out the seals and cause salt crystals to form in the controls where they meet the housing.

If you can’t keep it out of the sun put a damp towel over the open housing or place it inside a soft cooler.

If you have enough space in the housing use at least two desiccants to help prevent fogging. Always carry additional desiccant .

When setting up your housing do it in it a cool, dry area to minimize the moisture. Inside your cool, air conditioned room is a good choice. Outside on a boat deck on a hot, humid day can lead to fogging. If you do have to open it replace the desiccant desiccants with fresh ones.

Be careful when you closing your housing, that the desiccant pack don’t get caught on the o-ring, or fall onto the lens port

When you arrive at the boat or dive site, rinse you camera in fresh water to check for leaks. Remove it form the rinse tank and place it  back in your cooler. After the dive rinse your housing, towel-dry it. and return it to your cooler. With the number of divers bring camera on the dive and small size of most rinse tanks I have seen more getting damaged.

If you have a wide angle dome port keep the on as much as posable to prevent scratches.

Soak it for longer if the salt water had a chance to dry. “Work” the buttons and controls for a few seconds while the camera is underwater, if possible. Underwater Camera, Housing, Strobes and Cooler
Underwater Camera, Housing, Strobes and Cooler

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